Over the last couple of months, I’ve done a variety of different promotional material for the small, independently owned craft brewery, Silversmith Brewing Company out in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Das Reinheitsgebot, also know as the “Bavarian Purity Law”, is the collective name for a series of regulations limiting the ingredients in beer. This year marked the 500th anniversary of this law and Silversmith hosted a week of different menu specials and events embracing these timeless traditions. I developed some marketing materials for the event including an event poster, and corresponding Facebook and Instagram social media posts.

Another great event hosted by Silversmith is “The Congregation: Silversmith Beer Club“. This club started up early 2016 and provides members with a unique opportunity to learn more about beer, brewing and to have a beer experience like no other. I developed some information cards to promote their new programme to both their new and loyal customers on the membership perks the group has to offer.