Well here’s a little about me. I have gained experience through my education at Humber College’s Graphic Design program in editorial design, and typography while developing a strong knowledge of the Adobe software. Throughout my portfolio, you will see my style and personality in my pieces, through the intricate use of handcrafted typography and illustrations.

A few successes in my career that I am proud of include winning a design challenge for Serena Ryder, a Canadian musician. My design was chosen, and featured in her summer tour merchandise. The shirt with my design continues to be sold online. I also took on the challenge of designing the Humber College food truck wrap. As the second place winner, I was then invited to a lunch with the Dean of the School of Media to celebrate the successful design projects.

Continually I am inspired by the challenge of a design, by the beauty around me, and the life experiences that allow my knowledge and creativity to grow. The opportunity to build on my design skills and put my inspirations and education into practice is one that I look forward, and am fully prepared to take on.